What have I been doing

I chaired the product development strategy show and tell where an audience of a few hundred people heard and got to ask questions about the UCD maturity model work that I have been leading. The maturity model is central to the product development strategy and…

(After the last note was a monthnote, my goal is to get back to week notes and fortnight is an improvement)

Some of the things that happened

Tero and I delivered a session at Wythnos UX 2021 Llywodraeth Cymru (Welsh Government UX week) entitled Dylunio sy’n Canolbwyntio ar y Defnyddiwr…

This is more of a month note as I haven’t written my public notes recently, but regular readers might forgive me given that I have finally published the blog post I have been promising for a while.

Some of the things that happened

I worked with colleagues in communications and…

Some of the things I was involved in

Hearing Clara and Sonia talk about the outcome of their equity and inclusion work. The value they have brought is difficult to articulate and I am committed to ensuring that we continue this work now their time is coming to an end…

I’m back with public weeknotes after the pre election period and some very welcome leave.

Some of the things I was involved in
- Cross organisation health inequalities and digital inclusion knowledge sharing
- Attended our women’s network session with our CEO Sarah Wilkinson who spoke about her career and experience.

Some of the things I was involved in this week

Worked with George, Claire and Peter to start looking about how we iterate the central UCD team and work moving forward.

Had a catch up with Jonathan at GDS to talk about all things user research strategy and then later…

Highlights from last week

  • I signed up to offer my time to the Network Shuri shadowing programme. You should too. The programme aims to ‘create opportunities for women of colour to shadow digital leaders, build relationships, gain insight into different roles and environments and in particular share learning from working…

Rochelle Gold

Head of User Research @NHS Digital. Views my own.

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